24/7 Live Chat Staffing for Law Firms

Getting visitors to your Law Firm Website isn't easy.
Don't let them choose another attorney!

Missed Engagements are missed opportunities

Proactively Engage website visitors and grow your legal practice with OctaChat's 24/7 Live Chat service for lawyers and attorneys. We’ll manage to capture leads for you so you can focus on winning more clients.

Benefits for Lawyers


Win over clients with a live, friendly chat

Potential clients often stop their search for an attorney when they reach a live, helpful person via chat. OctaChat's Live Chat Agents proactively engage every single visitor on your website, ensuring you don’t miss a potential client due to a day in court!


Pay Per Lead

We take unlimited chats on your website but you only pay for Leads that Pass set criteria. With our Post Paid Invoicing, you get qualified leads first.


Professional Chat Agents at a Fraction of Cost

OctaChat's Live Agent service equips you with a team of model chat agents at a fraction of the cost. Plus, we’re never sick, late, or on vacation. We take chats for you 24/7/365, so you can focus on growing your legal practice!

OctaChat's round the clock presence on our website has definitely added more potential leads to our pipeline. We didn't realize how many people were interested in chatting after hours and especially on weekends. We have been very impressed with the professionalism of Curtis Knight and his entire team. They self educated on our site and got up to speed very quickly with how to interact with our potential clients. They have been very coachable as we have tweaked some of their responses. Their responsiveness to our firm and our clients have been terrific. I hesitated to turn our chat over to non-employees of the firm because what we do can be complex and because of bad experiences I've heard from others. OctaChat is different. They haven't let us down.


Frank Housh Esq. - Housh Law Offices - PLLC

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Win 3X More Clients With OctaChat!

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