A lead is a successful Chat Engagement in which our chat agent captures a name, phone number and/or email of someone who has expressed interest in your product/service. If you want us to ask your visitors more qualifying questions, you can direct our copy writers to include more questions in the response guide.
Within 24 hours or sometimes even sooner that.

Our preference is LiveChatInc due to its high stability & rich feature set. If you would like to choose different software, we are ready for that as well.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express through our secure payment gateway.

4 Business days or faster if we get complete information for your service or product.

If you have a nice product or a great service and you have a website, our live chat agents are ready to serve your site visitors 24x7.

Confidently Yes! Our expert live chat agents will serve your site visitors round the clock & throughout the year.

With years of extensive Live Chat experience, we have well defined Chat Standard Operating Procedures which allow us to serve individual client needs concurrently. Each chat agent is normally responsible for serving 4 - 5 clients at a given time. We maintain High Quality Compliance to ensure effective & efficient chat conversations for all your visitors.

Its super simple. Sign up and we will guide you through each step. It will take 2 lines of code to be added to your website and we start chating. If you have problems, our technical team will add it to your website. All we will need is your site FTP details.

Lead is defined as a Location enquiry, pre sales question, general support, follow up question, price enquiry. Or it can be a website visitor asking for specific product / service that requires further follow-ups from your side.

Billing works Post Paid. You get the leads first. We then bill you monthly.
Our Copywriters gather FAQs from you and your website and turn them into precise response guidelines. You approve FAQs & make any necessary changes/additions.
We support 38 leading industries: E-Commerce, Real Estate, Startups, SAAS, Auto Sales, Travel & Tourism, Health, Web Hosting, Pharmacy, Government, IT Services, Small Business, Fashion & Apparel, Jobs & Education, Hotels & Restaurants.
Certainly. You can. We can help you with it if that's required.
We are very confident about our robust service and that is why we keep it risk free for you. As soon as your 14 day free trial is over, we will send you a detailed report about the overall chat engagements on your website. If you love our service and we are sure you will, we will help you to upgrade and we are all set to start chat.
That will rarely be the case if you have provided us with thorough training material. However, if that really happens, our team will immediately take the query and forward to your team with complete visitor details.
No limitations. It's a risk free live chat service. Feel free to try.
We work diligently to understand your product or service. We go through each document & FAQ section on your company website to ensure we know it all. Additionally, our agents will connect with you on Skype to get additional information from you if that is required.
Yes! We have a legal procedure (Non disclosure agreement signing) to ensure our clients information stays 100% secure.

We proactively greet each visitor and send them an invite to chat with us.


Our Professional Live Chat Operators are trained to interact with each visitor & collect their unique Requirement along with basic contact information.


Our Chat Operators summarize this information and send it to you right away.

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