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“We added OctaChat in 2016 & we've done numerous deals so the ROI was solid!”

Greg Bilbro
Owner - Sterling Fine Properties

  • You are experiencing Very Low Conversions Rates.
  • You've invested in Advertising & New Website Designs but you still don't see a jump in new warm leads.
  • Marketing & Ad Costs are rising & you ought to see clear ROI in terms of new leads.

Change my life and get me chat!


Powerful Human Conversations 24/7

Our Live Chat Agents are Expert Conversationalists that proactively engage and capture leads on your website 24/7/365.


Turn Your Marketing Budget to ROI Positive

You will see 3x More Engagement with new visitors coming from Marketing Campaigns directly increasing your Ad ROI.


Pay For Qualified Leads Only

We take unlimited chats on your website but you only pay for Leads that Pass a set criteria. REJECT a lead if it doesn't qualify.

98% of Your Website Visitors Don't fill out your Static Contact us form. We Use the Power of 24/7 Live Chat, Engage in Real Conversations & Drive 3X More Leads.

What Makes 24/7 Live Chat So Powerful?

There are people on your website that want to talk to you NOW. Why are you showing them a contact us form?

We aren't Just Another Live Chat Staffing Company

Because we utilize the strength of
4 real-time Communication Channels 24/7

to give you up to 60% Chat to Lead Conversion Ratios

24/7 Live Chat on
your website

Real-time phone transfer
of visitor to your staff


Instant text/SMS messaging
24/7 (we call it Text 2 Chat)


24/7 Facebook Messenger
Chat Monitoring

These Companies 3Xed Their Lead Intakes with OctaChat in Less than 2 Months. What Will You Do?

OctaChat provides a superior level of service compared to any other chat service on the market. We've seen a significant increase in the number of sales leads we are able to bring to our business as a result of their important service. We highly recommend them!


Mark Stubblefield Founder & CEO - StubGroup

I started using the OctaChat service for a Client and was so impressed that I added it to my own website as well! I continue to be completely blown away at how responsive and proactive they are. Most importantly, the chat technicians do a fantastic job at converting inbound traffic to new leads.


Kasim Aslam Owner - Solutions 8

We have been using OctaChat now for a few months and can say that we would highly recommend the team. By having the chat facility on our website, we have been able to ensure that we capture enquiries which we would probably not have had


Ross Jezzard Director - Jezzards Estate

OctaChat has actually surprised me with their level of service. They are the first and only company, offering live chat, that is actually responsive to the needs of their own clients... us! They never miss a beat, from always looking to assist in any way on a proactive measure, to responding to a specific client request. I've used other Live Chat Companies, but thus far, not one of them holds a candle from what I have seen with Curtis and his team.


Matt NelsonPresident - The MediaBeast Marketing Group Tampa, FL

Whether increasing site engagement, conversion rate optimization, or troubleshooting issues on our client's sites, we have not found another service that can do what OctaChat can do. We believe in it so much, that we have made it an SOP to add it to all sites we market. Forget the gimmicky new "tricks" of Digital Marketing and focus on what your clients need; clear communication. I am proud to have OctaChat on our client's sites and even our own.


John MoranSenior Campaign Architect

We approached OctaChat because we were looking for a cost effective white-labeled Live Chat solution that was managed by Real People & that allowed us to provide 24/7 coverage across our clients websites. After looking locally in Australia we couldn't find anyone that could tick all the boxes & provide us with leading technology, a Pay-Per-Lead costing model.


Nathan GremmertGeneral Manager - Online Advertising Co.


Live Chats Handled


Leads Generated


Businesses Being Served

How it works

When a Visitor Arrives A Proactive Invitation is Fired The Conversation Begins!!

When a Visitor Arrives
A Proactive Invitation is Fired
The Conversation Begins!!

  • Hi, do you need any assistance with your personal injury case?
  • Yes. I was in an accident about 2 months ago. My car was totaled. According to the police report, the other party was at fault. I have no physical injuries. Just headaches for a month.
  • I am sorry to hear this happened. May I have your first and last name, please?
  • Kevin Johnson.
  • Thanks, Kevin. May I know when and what city/state did this take place in?
  • June 24. Sunnyvale, CA. I was driving straight ahead. No stop sign, no traffic light. Car in opposite direction made a left turn, and I hit the car. 2 air bags were deployed. My arms were numb for a few hours. Unable to release seat belt. Went to ER.
  • Thank you for the details, Kevin. I recommend you speak with one of our Attorneys who can review your case details and provide you with options moving forward. In order to assist you better may I have your phone number and email address, please?
  • Sure. 408-***-****, k********@*****
  • Thanks. May I know what is the best time during the day when our staff can call you to discuss this further?
  • Now is a good time.
  • Sure thing! I can connect you with our office right away for further assistance. May I connect you using the number you just provided?
  • Yes, that would be great!
  • Alright. Just a moment while I am attempting to connect you with our office.
  • I am connected. Thanks for all your help today.
  • You're welcome. Thank you for contacting us.

  • Greeting A welcome message to initiate the chat. It’s customizeable.
  • Assistance Needed Visitor shares basic details of what the assistance is required for.
  • Name of VisitorAgent gets visitor’s first and last name.
  • Location/Region Confirmation of location in order to determine if it falls within the actual service area.
  • Lead Information The most important part, contact information is taken.
  • Scheduling/Appointment Preference The agent confirms the best time slot for either a visit or a call from the office.
  • Attempt Live Call Connect Ensuring visitor's convenience, a call is placed to connect them with the office then and there.
  • Ending/Closing The statement taking the chat session towards end.

No Thanks! My Static Contact Us Forms will do a Better Job at Converting than Actual Humans Available for Chat 24/7.

Get Started & Add Chat in 3 Steps!

1 Sign up

Signup for the 14-day free trial.

2 Add code

Add few lines of chat code to your site. We do this for you if you don't have a tech.

3 Go Live

Approve the Script we send your way. See Chat Go Live & Watch Your Leads SKYROCKET

3 Steps that took us from
47 to 1000+ Paying Clients

We ran 100+ experiments to BOOST our conversions & increase PROFITS. Download our most successful EASY TO COPY steps that brought us MASSIVE results.

Is OctaChat Right For My Business?

  • Are you a Business Owner or a Marketing Head of a Law Firm, Digital Agency, Service Provider, Real Estate Firm, Auto Dealership, University, College, Dental or Medical Practice, Chiropractor, Plumbing & HVAC Company , SaaS Company OR fall in any of the 48 Business types we support.
  • Are you driving Paid traffic to your website and it's NOT converting (visitors aren't filling out your contact us form)... and you're not quite sure what's stopping them?
  • Are you Stuck digging your analytics for days, changing content and conducting endless A/B tests of your landing pages?

If so, then OctaChat is a PERFECT fit for you!

What can I expect after adding 24/7 Live Chat?

  • 3X more conversions in terms of leads from your existing web traffic.
  • Spending more money on Ads & Marketing will make business sense.
  • You will see real customers on your website site chatting and sharing their contact details for engaging your services.
  • You will know which keywords & campaigns are generating the most leads for you.
  • You will spend more time on closing new sales rather than capturing leads on your website.
  • You will have a virtual extension of your own team engaging visitors on your website and capturing leads 24/7/365 even on Holidays.

Yes. I want 24/7 Live Chat with Real Humans

No Thanks! I think my website will generate more leads being Disengaged & Static

Here's What Will Happen if You decide NOT to add 24/7 Live Chat Staffing


Your Frustration with your Marketing Teams will increase. They will keep spending more on Ads while it wouldn't make ROI sense.


You will always WONDER why potential customers visit your website, but leave without signing up or buying.


You will face a Burn Out in terms of Advertising Budget and Will LOOSE the Ability to SCALE Online.

Give us one chance to be your GAME CHANGER!

Still not sure about it?

If you aren't sure we are the right fit for you, do this:

Sign up for a 14-day RISK FREE Trial (we don't need any commitments from you)

Give us 72 hours to engage visitors on Your Website & give that promised engagement BOOST.

If nothing changes, take off our code and let us know we did terrible.

No Credit Card Required. No Long-term Contracts.

What's the Pricing?

We charge Per Qualified Lead (Purely Performance Driven) & there are no caps like minimum or maximum. We don't charge you for support chats, repeat visitors, time wasters, spam chats, out of area requests. Click here to start chatting with one of our live agents and they'll have pricing sent to you right away.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A Qualified Lead is a Chat Conversation in which our agent captures the name, phone, email and requirement of the web visitor. You set the Qualification criteria and we follow it.

What if I get a Lead that's not Qualified?

Reply to us & REJECT the lead. Add a brief reason of rejection and we will take it off your bill. No questions asked.

I have my own Chat Software. Can you use it?

We can't. Your billing will include the Chat Software that we use. It's a World Class Live Chat Software designed to deliver the highest chat conversions in the Chat Industry.

What will this service cost me monthly?

We encourage you to sign up for a risk free 14-day free trial. During the free trial you will get a clear idea of the number of leads we are generating for you. At the end of the free trial, we send you a detailed report along with an estimation of what the service will cost monthly.

Transform Your Visitor Engagement To Get 3X More Leads With OctaChat!

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